Feminism: Woman = Man, Not Woman>Man

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I had this medium account since a long time ago and I have never updated anything but starting from today I am gonna write my English article in this platform so, I can practice my broken English as well. Because since I have been staying at home for almost four months and basically just doing nothing my brain becomes so dumb and I can’t tolerate it. I am starting to voice out whatever on my mind and whatever I feel.

These days I’ve been so dizzy because of the things that circulating on the internet. I don’t know why people like to comments and throw hates towards others just because of the difference among them. Being different is a part of life and I think we all just need to accept no matter what, we don’t need to be anything to understand each other because basically we all the same, we all human being.

Triggered by twitter, starting from a housewife who made a meal pack for her husband, she summarized it in a thread called “Bekal Buat Suami Hari Ini” the thread was responded positively by most of the netizens but there was a “netijen belatung nangka” said Koh Alex. “Netijen belatung nangka” refers to the one who threw hate towards the thread “Bekal Buat Suami Hari Ini”. That Netizen said that it was such a waste to make a meal pack for your husband without even getting paid.

The problem is many of them, netizens on the twitter believe that the “netijen belatung nangka” is a feminist. Besides that many of the people have claimed themselves a feminist but they hate the men. However, feminism is the belief which demands equality for all the genders. We want the woman to have the same opportunity as a man to choose whatever she likes, a feminist will not question why a woman chooses to be a housewife even though she has finished a university level of education, a feminist will not question why a woman chooses a career over marriage life. The most important thing is the consent, as long as the women have the freedom to choose their roles there should be no problem at all.

The enemy of feminism is patriarchy, not a man.

The meaning of feminism itself often misinterpreted, feminism doesn’t hate the men. You don’t have to be a woman to be a feminist, everyone can be a feminist regardless of their races and religions. The basis of feminism is humanity that all humans should possess without having a ‘superior’ feeling towards each other. We just need to understand other’s situation, I believe we all just the same in front of God but currently, we are living in a sick society who believes that “man>woman” and we will never be the same in their eyes.

An example of what feminist stands for is the injustice of rape and harassment victims that always have to take the blame, not the thread “Bekal Buat Suami” which was made by pleasure, voluntary and as a sign of affection and love. Women can choose what they want to do including being a housewife or a career woman.



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Maulida Fulky Fauziati

Maulida Fulky Fauziati

A retrophile. Bachelor Of Communication (Hons) in Corporate Communication. Constantly learning and writing.